About Me

Hi everyone my name is Maša. Š is pronounced as SH sound. But if its easier for you, fell free to call me Miss chili. Why chili? Well because I love chilies, its as simple as that. Any kind of chili really. Fresh, pickled, dry, flakes or powder…

Will all my recipes include chili? Well there is a chance that a lot of my recipes will include chili, but its not mandatory to use it. I will specify which dishes you have to add a little chili and where you can left it out without any major impact on deliciousness of the final dish.

I grew up in a small country called Slovenia in central Europe. With the population of only 2 mio people Slovenia has it all. Beautiful breathtaking nature, kind and generous people and last but not least great food. Diverse food culture was influenced by the location and country’s history. Located next to the Mediterranean sea there is a lot of see food recipes and Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing many delicious and fresh ingredients that result in tasty and flavorful meals. Another major impact on Slovenian cousin has Italy. Neighboring Slovenia on the north-west. We surely picked up a lot of pasta and risotto dishes from them. And on the north we are bordering Austria and Hungary, from whom we picked up lots of sausage dishes and broths and stews. All this flavors mixed in a tiny country. Now my goal is to bring the old recipes back to life, spice them up with a pinch of chili and share them with the rest of the world.

My passion for cooking grew over the years as I was growing up the passion tho create new interesting dishes grew too. I have been cooking and baking since a really young age and I always found it fun and exciting. At first I got inspired for cooking by my amazing mum, who is also a great chief.

In my early twenties I took of and went to travel the world. While traveling and tasting new incredible foods I also invest my time into learning how to prepare them. Meeting with locals on my travels and learning from them how to prepare delicious old recipes from scratch. Yes this is my style of cooking. I like to know what I put into my food and I like my food fresh. So most of my recipes will be done from scratch. And that’s why they are so delicious and healthy.

During my travels I met 7653_10208874171028854_3527025620363484631_nmy lovely boyfriend with whom I live together now in San Francisco. I owe him a big thank you because he is the reason this blog is alive. He encouraged me to proceed and follow my dream and create the food blog that so many of you have been asking me to create.

Back in Slovenian my parents own a company so I still work on administration papers for them and I am also self learning coding and building a web page for their company. In my free time I like to be active, so me and my boyfriend are always engaging into some kind of hiking and biking activities or trips. Well that is when we are not traveling and discovering new recipes and foods or cooking & baking and trying them out 😉

I am looking forward to hearing from you in my comment section. I’d love to meet you. My biggest wish is to be able to start a weekly cook up meet up. When we could all meet and create a plate full of flavors and  goodness and enjoy it over a glass of wine together.

Cheesy Chicken
Hungarian Beef Goulash
Pohorska Pancake With Fruit and Cream
Barley Stew With Vegetables and Sausage
Spicy Bok Choy
Star Cookies With Jam