Chili and Tomato Tasting Copenhagen

Miss Chili Reporting from The Spicy Danish Capital

My dear followers. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. That is mainly due to me relocating from San Francisco to Copenhagen, Denmark. Firstly I want to share with you how excited I am to be able to follow my dream and study multimedia design and communication here in Denmark. Even though I now have to spend some time behind the books, I promise I will keep delivering tasty and maybe sometimes spicy recipes. Today I want to share with you my spicy chili tasting adventure. Read further and enjoy my chili and tomato tasting story report.

The view of Copenhagen from the Parlament Tower    Hot flames representing the hot chili spice

A colorful table full of chilies

Moving to a new country is not always easy, meeting up new people means being active and participating at the local events. Looking through the things to do in Copenhagen I came across a rather interesting event, called Chili and Tomato tasting. Hmm, Miss Chili wouldn’t be Miss Chili if she could just look away from an event that includes eating chilies, wouldn’t you agree?

Red chili

Chili & Tomato Tasting at Tivoli Gardens

On Sunday 3rd of September Tivoli, the famous amusement park located in the very heart of Copenhagen, welcomed chili and tomato lovers. They offered plenty of opportunities to challenge and dazzle your taste buds as well as to learn more about chili. Guest could also purchase chilies, chili plants, books, and even spicy liquorish.

Welcome sign to Chili and Tomato tasting

Buying chili plants

Would you dare to try the world’s hottest chili?

All visitors had a chance to taste over 40 different varieties of chilies and tomato fruits. There were plenty of chilies to try at this chili and tomato tasting event. Chilies were neatly organized on the tables starting at 0 to 14 regarding the level of spiciness. The heat in the chili and food is measured on Scoville scale, which measures the concentration of capsaicin. This chemical compound is an active component in chili and produces the experience of the heat sensation for humans.

Scoville chili scale

Can You Feel the Heat

To ensure there is something for everyone the tasting started with completely non-spicy chili options, the ones that don’t contain any capsaicin. For example, Corno di Toro Yellow and Sweet Orange Baby. Less spicy options like Anaheim and Trinidad Perfume were offered at the beginning of the tasting tables followed by Jalapenos and Starfish which reach up to 35.000 on the Scoville scale. Only the most daring people were brave enough to continue the tasting all the way up and indulge on the spiciest chili, Carolina Reaper, which reaches incredible 2 million on the Scoville grade.

Carolina Reaper, the spiciest chili, stages of the chili fruit

Learn more about Scoville scale.

Young and Brave

It was rather interesting to see some young children reaching and trying different chilies. In case if you felt like you have reached your limit they offered guests milk to provide an instant relief to the brave tasters that dared to try out the chilies that reach beyond their spice level tolerance.

Youngster trying out chilies

Calm down your taste buds with some milk.

Not to worry much if you are not a big spice lover there were also offered 40 different kinds of tomato. From red to orange, green and purple. One would never think there is so many different kinds and flavors out there. Some more sour while the other more sweet. Oh sweet yes, besides tomatoes and chilies one could try something else at the event. Something very Danish and sweet and also spicy. Let me give you a hint it is black, slightly chewy and made out of root. If you are thinking liquorish now then you got it. There were different kinds of spicy liquorish offered to try and buy.

Someone reaching for spicy liquorish

Liquorish made with chili

Time for Some Action Miss Chili


It is entertaining to watch people chewing on chilies but I have joined the event to try some chilies myself. I started like all others at the beginning where less spicy chilies were offered, one of my favorites from this section is without a doubt the Starfish. An interesting look is not the only interesting part of the Starfish chili, I found the taste rather fruity and sweet, it reminded me of tropical fruits.

Taking a photo of Starfish chili

Interesting shape of Starfish chili.


Lemon Habanero

One chili after another, I was slowly climbing up the spice lather. My attention was drawn by Lemon Habanero Chili. It’s slightly citrusy taste gives it a more refreshing twist. Wouldn’t say it is my favorite chili, mainly because it is lacking a bit of sweetness. But the savory explosion that spreads around the mouth in combination with the spiciness was definitely worth experiencing.

Habanero lemon chili plant

Madame Janette

Moving further up the Scoville scale I must admit I experienced an extreme spice hit when I tried chili named Madame Jeanette. The thousand needles hit my mouth while I chewed on the chili and its seeds. Miss Chili was almost defeated by Madame Janette. Yes, I considered finishing my spice tasting journey right here and only after a short break and some self-talk it was when I decided to proceed. Something inside me was saying I shouldn’t waste the opportunity to try the spiciest chili out there. So, instead reaching for the milk I reached for Carolina Reaper.

Madame Jeanette chili

Carolina Reaper

I can’t argue that Carolina Reaper is the spiciest and I believe the yummiest chili out there for a reason. Just before it hits you with all its strength and mighty power you have few seconds to enjoy the incredible fruitiness of the plant. Flavors are perfectly connected into a fruity and flavorful whole. It reminded me of a happy, sunny summer day. And then as soon as the fruity taste disappears, capsaicin hits you with all of its strength. I had to sit down since numbness started spreading from my mouth to all the other parts of my body. The burning sensation wasn’t coming also from the throat and all the way down to my stomach. While I was digging through my bag, searching for a tissue to blow my runny nose I could feel a slight pain in my ears . After a fist, full of peanuts and a couple of spicy burps I felt like I am alive again, actually more alive than ever.

Carolina Reaper chili plant with chilies

a box of Carolina Reaper chilies


 Read Chili Eat Books

There was plenty of opportunity to expand your knowledge about chili and also about tomato. The presentations, talks, and books they were selling were written only in Danish. Unfortunately until my Danish gets slightly better I can only enjoy the nice photos they have to offer. On the other hand the talkers and gardeners were very knowledgeable. They wouldn’t hesitate to answer any of guests questions in English.

Guest reading chili book.

Books about chili


The Health Benefits of Chili

According to many researches chili are healthy to consume for many reasons. They poses a lot of antioxidants, including vitamin C and carotenoids. Did you know chili can fight inflammation, provide a natural pain relief, cardiovascular benefits, boosts immunity, prevent stomach ulcers, helps you loose weight, and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes. Still not convinced to include chili in you diet?  Click here if you want to explore the benefits of eating chilies in more depth.


A colorful plate of chilies nicely presented with hygge candle

Table filled with different color, sizes, and shapes of tomatoes.

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