Welcome and thank you for visiting my first food blog www.misschili.net.


This blog is all about cooking, baking and you got it messing up the kitchen.

If you like being adventurous and creative with new recipes and love trying out new delicious bites then join in for the fun. Keep up with my recipes and try them out yourself. Please share your photos, thoughts, and ideas for improvement. I believe together we can create some delicious meal masterpieces.

My goal is to share the recipes that I love with you. I will be posting pictures and instructions of many the tasteful dishes. I had a chance to master the recipes provided by either people that are close to me or people I met during my travels.

Each recipe will be a step by step guide with photos demonstrating the cooking steps. Also I will try to enrich each recipe with story that lays behind it.

I personally believe every recipe can be improved, modified and changed to serve ones specific preferred taste; therefore, I will always add tips & tricks how to skip, add or replace some ingredients to serve your taste buds. And I am looking forward to hear you thoughts and ways of improvements.

I hope you will find this blog interesting, fun, spicy and useful. With the recipes I posted hopefully you can create a meal to impress, not only people you serve it to, but impress yourself. I know you have that cooking spark inside of you so lets get started, lets get cookin’.